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Meet Your Stylist

Taylor Settles, Master Cosmetologist

Hello and Thank you for visiting my website.

I am Taylor Settles, a mother of 2, and small business owner. 

I have 10 years of experience doing hair. I started when I was a young teenager. At 15, I had dreams of becoming a hairstylist. I started doing my little sister's hair and my friends from school.

I grew to be more confident and decided to make it my dream career. I have been through so much with this business and I am steady growing. 

After high school, I went into the army and served for 2 years before I became pregnant with my first born daughter, Layla.With motherhood as my newfound priority I knew that the army wasn't the best fit my physical or mental health. So I had to figure out how to take care of myself and my new daughter as a single mom. I was terrified to leave a guaranteed military career with benefits for an unstable entrepreneurial life but I was ready to apply myself 1000% to working for myself.

So I got out the military and went home to GA to go to hair school. After hair school I literally starting telling any and every body that I do hair and I can make it look like mine. I also kept my hair done because I believe that we are walking billboards so that's how I would market. I went viral social media and it Brought my page a lot of attention so I started doing more and more clients. Then boom the Pandemic happened & I had my son in 2021. I stopped working full time and honestly thought that I was done with hair because I didn't feel my passion for it anymore. I thought I lost it. But it was time to get out of my funk (PPD) because I wanted to Live again & I NEEDED MONEY, let's be real. I then began to work within my gift again and I started getting blessed again. I got my mojo back and I'm now onto bigger goals and overcoming challenges.

15 year old me is so proud.

Thank y'all so much for reading this far and supporting a real dream.

-Taylor Lux


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